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Coupon Books available from $85.45
Save up to 15% on as few as 5 tickets. Coupons have no expiration date and can be used on different vehicles.                                           

                                                                         Save up to 15%

Cost $85.45 :: Save 5%

Cost $103.50 :: Save 10%

Cost 110.45:: Save 15%

Basic Car Wash – $17.99
Basic Wash includes interior vacuum, vehicle wash, towel dry, windows cleaned inside and out, and dash wiped, (does NOT include: wax, wheels, tire shine, air freshener)
Small Vans/SUV’s Add $2.00 · Large Vans/SUV’s Add $3.00

Wheel Works – Cleans Rims & Wheels – $22.99
Vacuum Interior, Dash Wiped, Wheel Magic Rims, Clean Windows, Console Dusted, Chassis Bath, Rust Inhibitor, Air Freshener – 10 choices
“Does not include ArmorAll® Tires”
Small Vans/SUV’s Add $2.00 · Large Vans/SUV’s Add $3.00

Super Works Car Wash – $25.99
Vacuum Interior, Dash Wiped, Wheel Magic Rims, Clean Windows, Triple Clearcoat Protection, Hot Wax Protection, Polish Wax, Armor All Tires, Air Freshener, white walls cleaned, and choice of 10 fragrances
 Small Vans/SUV’s Add $2.00 · Large Vans/SUV’s Add $3.00

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