Totally FREE PROGRAM for our loyal customers.

  1.  BONUS CARDS – Just ask at the cashier station for one of our Free Bonus Cards. Bring this BONUS CARD every visit to collect 1 punch for every wash and/ or Express Super Clean /Wax Service.

How it Works:

  1. Receive 1 punch for every wash service, Basic, Wheel Works, or Super Works.  After you collect 9 punches on the same card you receive a SUPER WORKS WASH, ABSOLUTELY FREE !   If you prefer, you may apply the $21.99 value to any higher value service in place of getting the Free Super  Works Wash .
  2.  Receive 1 punch for every Super Clean or Express Wax service. After you collect 5 punches on the same card you receive a SUPER CLEAN. ABSOLUTELY FREE!  A $44.99 value.
  • You can collect punches on the same card for all of your vehicles.
  • Bonus Cars expired 1 year from date of first punch.

2. Preferred Customer Coupons

Just ask at the cashier station for one of our Preferred Customer Coupons. Simply bring this coupon back with you on your next visit and receive the discount listed on the coupon. Coupons are stamped with expiration date and are typically good for 2-3 weeks from date of issue. We DO NOT take expired coupons.

3. Wash Works® Logo Stickers-

Simply ask for one of our 3 designs of Wash Works® Logo stickers at the cashier station. Affix it to the back or side window of your vehicle and receive the Preferred Customer Coupon on every visit . No need to keep up with the paper coupon.


Clean Car Contest

Clean Car Contest WInner

Stop on in the lobby and fill out a Clean Car Contest form. One winner is picked each month. Winner receives 5 free Super Works washes.

January Winner

Clean Car Contest WInner